Every 8 week GLOW session incorporates a new and exciting theme that will accommodate returning GLOW girls, in addition to new GLOW Girls.
Girls can experience the following themes:

Authentic Me
Learning about their super powers and how to stay to true to their values

Decision Making
Taking a lead in learning decision making strategies they can use everyday

Leading Others Wisely
Project-based theme where glow girls can connect with the community

Friendship Power
Learning the importance of appreciating who you are to help meet and keep friends

Body Image & Changes
GLOW girls learn about media’s influence on how they view their bodies and discussions about puberty based related body changes

Valuing Yourself and Others
Girls experiment with 6 GLOW values and better understand their views and feelings associated with them.

Positive Self -Talk
Most of us are in constant mental chatter- girls included. They talk to ourselves all day long and, unfortunately, this self talk is frequently negative. This theme focuses on learning what self -talk is, identifying the negative varieties and replacing them with positive powerful ones.

Taking Care of Yourself 
Starts girls thinking about playing a more conscious role in their futures.  It helps them focus on what is important to them and what they want/need in the future.  It's also an introduction to topics that educate and encourage them to make healthy decisions for themselves. 

Some of the GLOW girls have completed their sixth GLOW session! They have provided guidance in GLOW’s creation of new and exciting themes.