You are about to become part of a worldwide movement in empowering girls in your community! 

The Girls Leading Others Wisely (GLOW) program will give every girl an opportunity to be strong, confident and physically fit. GLOW will inspire girls of all ethnic, socio-economic, and cultural backgrounds to be prominent and positive leaders.

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By becoming a GLOW Facilitator you will help girls become aware of their strengths and provide them with the tools fundamental to prominent leadership.


The GLOW program integrates and cultivates integrity, self-worth, honesty, pride, and responsibility. 


The GLOW Leader/Facilitator Guides and the Online GLOW Leader/Facilitator Training Videos provide everything you need to offer your own GLOW program and impact the lives of the girls in your community in person or virtually.


Our user-friendly guides contain step-by-step instructions on engaging a GLOW group through discussions and creative art/movement activities.


The GLOW program is easily adaptable to your own unique setting by including a GLOW CIRCLE with fitness or without the fitness component.


GLOW Leader Guide


GLOW Leader Video Training

Start facilitating the GLOW program in your community!


We have 9 themes to choose from, choose one or purchase all nine themes.  Each class is 1.5 hours and run once a week for eight weeks.  Each theme is completely different allowing girls to take many consecutive GLOW sessions. 


Each 60 to 90 minute class includes:

  • Our GLOW Circle time provides a safe place for girls to share their opinions and feelings 
  • A nutritious snack
  • Exposure to fun, creative fitness activities to promote the benefits of daily physical exercise
  • Coaching to set and work toward their personal goals

The programs can be offered in your community or in your school during the lunch hour, after school or as part of the Health class curriculum and, most recently, a virtual GLOW program can be offered.







GLOW Theme Guides



Our flagship program theme and suggested theme to launch the program. Girls learn who they are and to be proud of both their strengths as well as their areas of growth.  They also learn about their superpowers and how to stay true to their values.  It's all about their Social Emotional Well-Being.


Learning the importance of appreciating who you are to help meet and keep friends.


GLOW girls learn about media’s influence on how they view their bodies and have discussions about puberty-based body changes.


Girls experiment with six GLOW values to better understand their views and feelings associated with them.


This new theme focuses on self care and resilience. The topics covered will develop skills that build resilience so that no matter what life throws at us, we will have the knowledge and tools to cope and care for ourselves during difficult times. This theme, written for girls 13 and up, includes discussions and activities on self-compassion, self care, self-talk and thought patterns, gratitude, body image, empowerment, and leadership.   


This theme focuses on learning what self-talk is, identifying the negative varieties and replacing them with positive powerful ones.


Learning decision-making strategies for everyday situations.


A project-based theme where GLOW girls connect with the community.


Encouraging girls to think about taking a more conscious role in their futures by focusing on what is important to them and what they want/need in their future. This is also an introduction to topics that educate and encourage healthy decision-making.

As an educator, coach, social worker, counsellor, or other professional that has devoted their career to shaping young minds, you know the immediate need to access resources and training. The GLOW program was created in 2006 as an in-person program, but we have adapted our training as well as hosting a program online.

Start facilitating the GLOW program in your community today!