Since 2006, GLOW (Girls Leading Others Wisely) Program has been empowering girls with increased self-confidence by enhancing the skills necessary to become effective and influential leaders in their community. Their self confidence is explored and built by tapping into their area of passion with a focus on what they truly believe in. Preteen/teen conversation guide their decision making and encourages health-minded thinking. 

GLOW provides powerful 8 week leadership programs, designed for girls between the ages of 9-16. Each session includes a GLOW Circle to promote age appropriate discussions. Following every GLOW Circle, the whole girl is nurtured through an introduction to fun and creative physical activities.

Join us in impacting girls by starting a GLOW Program in your community. We have developed both GLOW Leader Guides (ready to use curriculum) and GLOW Facilitator training to make setting up the GLOW program in your community as seamless as possible.


»Designed by a teacher with over 30 years of teaching experience, the lesson plans and creative experiences lead girls to feel more comfortable to share in the GLOW Circle

»Simple To Use GLOW Leader Guides allow YOU to implement the content with ease. Yet, flexibility to adapt the curriculum to flow with the girls’ areas of interest

»Focus on the "whole" girl; body, mind, heart and soul.  Each class is an hour and a half:

40 min GLOW Circle

10 Min Healthy Snack

40 min Fitness

»Easy to flex: Want to start with fitness to get the girls moving? Great! OR you already offer active time within your school day-  offer the GLOW Circle only!

GLOW offers a wide range of themed leadership programs, designed with girls aged 9-16 in mind. Each unique theme is composed of a curriculum built over eight classes - a total of twelve hours of content per theme.


All themes are versatile, in that, they can be offered in-person or virtually.


You are about to become part of a worldwide movement! The GLOW program offers every girl an opportunity to be passionate about what they believe in, confident with regard to their decision making and health minded. GLOW will inspire girls of all ethnic, socio-economic, and cultural backgrounds to be prominent, positive leaders.


The purpose of GLOW is to inspire girls in your community to grow in terms of their social, emotional and physical wellbeing!


GLOW leads girls to an increased awareness of their strengths and provides them with the tools fundamental to becoming role models and prominent leaders for others.



GLOW Leader Guides and Online GLOW Leader/Facilitator Training Videos provide everything you need to offer your own GLOW program and impact the lives of the girls in your school and community

(in-person or virtually).


»To engage girls within an open forum to share and listen to their peers while engaged in discussions relevant to seven transitional stages.


»To connect girls of various beliefs, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds.


»To provide each girl, upon completion of  the GLOW program, a ‘backpack’ full of strategies to support them with life’s challenging situations 


»To introduce girls to a world of fitness opportunities, with the intent of discovering ways to enjoy being active.


Our Mission

Girls Leading Others Wisely (GLOW) strives to provide girls with the self-confidence and the skills necessary to become effective and influential leaders.

Whether your daughter is in school full-time, blended or online, girls want to be with a tribe. Girls crave girl time more than ever before.


GLOW provides powerful 8 week programs designed for girls between the ages of 9-16. Each session utilizes a GLOW Circle to promote age appropriate discussions as well as introducing fun and creative physical activity to participants. 


At the age of 16, Kim made herself a promise - one day, she would design a safe and comfortable forum for teen girls to speak openly about their experiences and challenges. Decades later, in 2006, the GLOW program was born... See More