You are about to become part of a worldwide movement!


The GLOW program was created to give every girl an opportunity to be strong, confident and physically fit. Our program will inspire girls of all ethnic, socio-economic and cultural backgrounds to be prominent and positive leaders.


The purpose of GLOW is to unite girls in your school/organization and provide them with the opportunity to grow both physically and emotionally. The process begins with providing them with safe environment to share their thoughts and opinions. Within this safe environment, girls are encouraged to express themselves authentically, in turn, critically think about their behaviour and choices. Over the eight week program, girls’ will develop an increased awareness of their strengths, interests, values and the tools fundamental to become a prominent and influential leader.


Our program integrates as well as cultivates the following key values: integrity, self-worth, honesty, pride and responsibility. 


The GLOW program is designed for girls aged 9-14 and can be offered as a lunch time, after school or evening program.  Each session includes a GLOW Circle time to promote age appropriate discussions as well as introducing fun and creative physical activity to participants. Learning how to set and work toward personal goals is an important part of each session. Fitness is optional if the program is offered over the lunch hour. The GLOW program is currently being facilitated in cities across Canada.  


Purchase GLOW Leader guides and give the girls in your school, church & community centre the opportunity to experience the power of GLOW. Our GLOW Guide package is affordable with the intent of being accessible to all schools and organizations.



GLOW Goals


1- To engage girls in an open forum designed for them to share and listen to their peers during discussions of relevant life themes and topics.


2- To connect girls of various beliefs, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds.


3- To provide each girl with a ‘backpack’ full of strategies to support them when they encounter challenging situations.


4- To expose girls to a wide range of fitness activities, with the ultimate goal of helping them discover one that they enjoy. 


Let’s Make a Difference


As we know, many girls struggle at school with issues such as bullying & unhealthy friendships that may result in negative self-talk and poor body image. The GLOW program offers weekly meetings for girls to have candid conversations about their struggles and realize they are not alone.


Each GLOW themes explores the critical scaffolding that is key to building self confidence and guides girls to learn more about their authentic self. Once girls have a clearer understanding of who they are, they can take a stand and lead others girls to do the same.  The structure of the GLOW Circle creates a comfortable, safe and non-judgmental environment for girls to express their true thoughts and feelings.


* THE GLOW School program also meets the Canadian health curriculum objectives.