THE GLOW program was created to empower girls by providing them with an opportunity to gain self confidence and skills necessary to become effective and influential leaders in their community.


Our program inspires girls of all ethnic, socio-economic and cultural backgrounds to be prominent and influential leaders. The GLOW program is designed for girls aged 9-14 and can be offered in person or virtually.  We offer a variety of themes, each of which are composed of eight classes for a total of 12 hours.  We currently have 64 weeks of programming available.



Each1 to 1.5 hour class includes:

  • Our GLOW Circle time provides a safe place for girls to share their opinions and feelings 
  • a nutritious snack
  • exposure to fun, creative fitness activities to promote the benefits of daily physical exercise
  • coaching to set and work toward their personal goals 

Our program integrates and cultivates the following key values: integrity, self-worth, honesty, pride and responsibility. 



GLOW Goals

  1. Girls believe that their success in school and life depends on their ability to problem solve, think critically and make good choices.
  2. Girls believe that meeting and connecting with girls of various beliefs, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds is beneficial.
  3. Girls want to attend meetings with other girls, of a similar age, to engage in deep, and possibly. uncomfortable conversations ( Brene Brown, Dare to Lead)
  4. Girls want to participate in physical fitness and eat nutritiously because they are knowledgeable about how it positively fuels their body. 



Let’s Make a Difference


As we know, many girls struggle at school with issues, such as bullying and involvement in unhealthy friendships, just to fit in. This results is the development of negative self-talk and poor body image. We also want them to know, they are not alone.


With this awareness in mind, each GLOW theme is intentionally scaffolded to build self confidence and support girls so they take the time they need to learn about their authentic self. Once girls have a clearer understanding of who they are, they are ready to take the necessary steps toward leading others to do the same.  The GLOW Circle is designed in a way that creates a comfortable, safe and non-judgmental environment for girls to take risks.


The GLOW Program is currently being offered worldwide.  The GLOW School program meets many of Canada and The United States Wellness curriculum learning objectives. 




“I liked GLOW because I feel a lot better about myself, inside and outside.” GLOW Girl  


“Thanks for helping me feel better about myself.” GLOW Girl 


“I learned that who you are is not on the outside but on the inside.” GLOW Girl 


“Well, I seem to be a better person.” GLOW Girl 


“I became a better person.” GLOW Girl







“I have been leading the GLOW girls program for over 2 years, and the continued enthusiasm is invigorating.


The young girls who come to the program truly enjoy getting to meet new friends and learn outside of the classroom.  


I feel that the program has a multitude of benefits. We have created a space where we gather and everyone is encouraged to be themselves, share experiences, and try new things,  without having to worry about judgement from others. The topics covered through the various GLOW themes are largely relevant to the girls visiting the program. The topic of cyber-bullying - which grew to discussions of bullying in general - brought up some great strategies for the girls to try in situations at school.


Aside from the themes (of which we are currently on our 4th), trying out new fitness activities and introducing girls to healthy foods they have never tried is fun. Seeing the girls grow over the 8 weeks from a group of girls into a group of friends is something I am very proud to be a part of.”


GLOW Leader, Susie