Facilitate GLOW in your Community!

There is no better time to mentor and lead our youth. In recent years we have seen an increase in youth social isolation and fear causing a landslide of mental health challenges and concerns. As teachers, youth care workers, family support facilitators, youth related professionals, as well as parents, we are all doing our best to support our youth at this unique time. 


We want you to know GLOW is here to help you support girls ages 9-16.

The Online Facilitator Training offers opportunities for reflection on current research connected to empowering girls.


We will also dive into the ability of the GLOW Program to enhance a girl’s social-emotional domain, while simultaneously bringing to light new movement experiences to promote her physical health. 


Choice of Training Options:

»Asynchronous Udemy Video Training (42 min) Included with GLOW Guides.

»Personalized one-to-one training

»Private GLOW Facilitator Facebook group events

»Live in-person and virtual workshops (Send inquiries to info@glowprogram.com) 

»Girls Conferences (Send inquiries to info@glowprogram.com) 


GLOW provides both the Leader Guides and GLOW Facilitator training.  The GLOW guides are well written step-by-step manual created to allow you to offer the GLOW program in your community.  


Our training is tiered to meet the needs of leaders who have a range of teaching/child-directed experiences. Additional training sessions are available for GLOW Leaders who are not teachers, school support staff or social workers to focus directly on the dynamics of the GLOW Circle.


Contact our training centre today to schedule.


(613) 852-8225

Training offers you a reason to stop and dedicate time to think on a deeper level about the current research connected to empowering girls. We will dive into the GLOW program’s abilities to enhance a girl’s social-emotional domain, while simultaneously, bringing to light new movement experiences to promote their physical health. 


The goal is for you to learn how to organize, offer and lead an 8-week girl’s club in your community, while supporting girls in filling their ‘resiliency backpack’.

Facilitator/Leader Training - Udemy Video

The online video training consists of 8 videos, a total of 42 minutes of step-by-step instructions on facilitating a GLOW group through discussions, creative art and physical movement activities... See More

Special Introductory Offer: GLOW Leader Guide, GLOW Leader Theme Guide Authentic Me & Video Training

VIDEO TRAINING & GLOW Leader Guides + Authentic Me Theme

You will learn how to organize, offer, and lead an 8-week girls’ club in your community while supporting girls in filling their “resiliency backpack”... 

See More

The GLOW Leader Guide (one-time purchase)

Providing a GLOW Leader with everything required to begin the program, from the first group guidance to logistics.... See More


GLOW Leader Guide Complete Set with Training

The GLOW Leader Guide complete set includes the GLOW Leader Guide + all 9 Theme Guides + all the MY GLOW Guides. Each theme is an 8-week program... See More