Power of GLOW

Research to Support the Need for GLOW

GLOW believes every girl deserves a balanced opportunity to strengthen emotional well- being, nutritional choices, and physical exercise in order to develop a true sense of self.


Is GLOW a therapeutic group?

No, GLOW is a process-oriented group

GLOW focuses on experiences such as...

»Sharing with one another 
»Making connections 
»Discussion among members dominate (rather than set agenda) 

Cited: https://positivepsychology.com/group-therapy/ (Goodtherapy, 2013)


Emotional Well-Being 

GLOW’s theme, entitled ‘Authentic Me’ invites girls to learn who they are and to be proud of both their strengths as well as their areas of growth. 

GLOW takes into consideration the following...


Girls transition through seven strands into adulthood. Understanding these normal developmental strands will help us support girls through them.  Strands include: parting with childhood, joining a new tribe, frenemies, harnessing emotions, contending with adult authority, planning for the future, entering the romantic world and caring for herself. (Dr. Lisa Damour, Untangled, 2016)


Confirming earlier studies that were smaller and more anecdotal, a survey of 3,000 children found that at the age of nine, a majority of girls were confident, assertive and felt positive about themselves. However, by the time they reached high school, fewer than a third felt that way. (The survey was commissioned by the American Association of University Women.)


GLOW introduces a healthy snack idea every week partnered with nutritional information and guidelines. Moderation is our nutrition motto; diets are not. 


Body Image Lab Resources Werklund School of Education



Healthy Eating Basics: https://www.heartandstroke.ca/healthy-living/healthy-eating/healthy-eating-basics

Physical Fitness

GLOW introduces GLOW Girls to a wide array of physical fitness activities, all of which are led by qualified fitness experts. This exposure not only instills a basic understanding of the fitness area being introduced, but also enhances the discovery of the fitness options available to individuals. An increased incidence of future pursuits in a specific area is also one of GLOW’s fitness goals.


More Evidence-Based Research


Here is a condensed list highlighting the most current evidence-based references supporting the three key components of the GLOW Program. We pride ourselves in keeping our research references current.