A GLOW Facilitator's Reflections

Blog 1 - Week 1 Taking Care of Yourself Theme


Craving Connection


The start of a new GLOW session means goal setting. Paying attention to the type of goals the girls are setting gives insight into what they are focusing on at the moment, what they need, and what they need more of. See More

Blog 2 - Week 2 Taking Care of Yourself Theme


Under Pressure


“What do you wish that your parents or teachers knew?” was the question that I opened our last GLOW group with.  All of the responses involved the amount of pressure or stress that teens are under.  See More

Blog 3 - Week 3 Taking Care of Yourself Theme


Kindness Matters


Week 3 for this GLOW theme means talking about your values.  The girls participate in activities and discussions to help them discover their core values and identify values and qualities they admire or respect in themselves and others.  Although core values obviously vary from person to person, as do the values we respect in others, after doing these groups for years I can tell you one value does not vary. See More


Blog 4 - Week 4 Taking Care of Yourself Theme


Let’s Talk About Relationships


Week 4 of the Taking Care of Yourself theme revolves around “taking care of your heart” or healthy relationships.  It is one of my favourite weeks as I think it is so very important to talk to our teens about relationships and to get them started thinking about whether their relationships are healthy or not. See More


Blog 5 - Week 5 Taking Care of Yourself Theme


Getting Comfortable With Change


“Puberty” is one of those words that makes young people uncomfortable. Maybe it is the adults that get uncomfortable when talking about puberty?  I was quite surprised last night when I brought up the topic of puberty in our GLOW group and the girls told me that they hadn’t really talked about puberty yet at school, or in some cases, at home.  See More

Blog 6 - Week 6 Taking Care of Yourself Theme


What Are You Worth?


Did you know that how we perceive the appearance of our bodies influences our self-esteem more than how we actually look?  That is a scary fact! See More

Blog 7 - Week 7 Taking Care of Yourself Theme


I Deserve to be Respected


Week 7 of the “Taking Care of Yourself” theme is a continuation of the Tak-

ing Care of Your Heart section. During this class, the girls review the characteristics of a healthy and an unhealthy relationship.  See More

Blog 8 - Week 8 Taking Care of Yourself Theme


Pump up Your Motivation


Motivation is one of those things that teens (and to be honest lots of adults) can struggle with. Teens know they have homework to do. They know they will get a better grade if they study for a test. They’re smart they realize that. Actually, being motivated to study and do their assignments is another thing.  See More


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