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Alexandra — GLOW Ambassador spoke about her time studying social work at Carleton University and what’s next: 

In this short video one of our GLOW girl, talks about why journaling is so helpful for her and her mental wellness.  It's also one of the tools we recommend at GLOW.


Affirmations are a great way to stay positive.


Wait until you meet our newest GLOW Ambassador!


This is the first of a six-part video series designed completely by our amazing ambassador.


Prepare to be  inspired! 💕

My song,  “Perfectly Imperfect,” was written when I was having a hard time finding myself. It's so easy to get caught up trying to please others that you forget the importance of confidence and self worth.  I wrote this song as a message to myself when I was going through it and hope to be able to help anyone that is feeling stuck in a situation or having a hard time loving themselves. It’s completely okay to be reckless, imperfect, and embrace your flaws. Don't forget that you are loved and worthy, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Always find a positive way to express yourself!


I would like to share my expression with you...


Meli Vaez


Video Testimonial:


Music Video:


Amy is interested in helping girls and teens love themselves & speak up for themselves.

Thanks to Amy for taking a leadership role in posing such thought provoking questions. Carve out time to listen to this podcast with your daughter. A great way to spark



Here is the link to the podcast.



Summer reading! Check out the newest edition of our GLOW magazine. Published by GLOW Girls ( Grade 9) for girls!!!



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'Huge kudos to Rebecca Patterson for taking a lead in talking about girls

& self esteem in her school project! We are flattered to be included’