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GLOW Online Leader Training
 Training Videos $99 
GLOW Leader Guide (Required for first order)
 GLOW Leader Guide $195 
GLOW Leader Theme Guide & Workbook $175/theme

Choose 1 or more of the GLOW themes below. Each theme is an 8 week GLOW program, run once a week which enables you to run many GLOW sessions with the same group of girls. Every GLOW theme incorporates new and exciting activities.
 Authentic Me $175 
 Decision Making $175 
 Friendship Power $175 
 Leading Others Wisely $175 
 Positive Self Talk $175 
 Body Images & Changes $175 
 Valuing Yourself & Others $175 
 Taking Care of Yourself $175 
GLOW T-Shirts $25/each
Please email quantity and sizing - minimum order of 10 t-shirts
 Adult large 
 Adult Medium 
 Adult Small 
 Kids Large 
 Kids Medium 
 Kids Small 
GLOW Rubber Band Bracelets $2/each
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