Thank you for supporting GLOW!  The following comments emphasize to us how powerful the GLOW Program really is!


TESTIMONIALS from Parents of GLOW Girls


“Keeli (who is 12) has been doing GLOW for about 2 years now and LOVES it.  Shelby (who is 9) is keen to join next September.  The girls that are currently doing this class in GLOW feel free to voice their opinion and be heard by everyone in the group.  Proof is in the pudding, in that Keeli REALLY wants to re-register every session.” GLOW Parent



"My daughter woke up the morning after her first GLOW class and asked me –when can I go to GLOW again? I replied next Tuesday. She stared at me and said “I wish GLOW was everyday” GLOW Parent


Thank you for supporting GLOW!  The following comments emphasize to us how powerful the GLOW Program really is!



What GLOW Girls said about GLOW:


What did you like about GLOW?

The circles and the subjects

I liked the activities and the healthy snacks. I especially liked the Bosu balls and the HulaHoops instructors.

I liked all of the fitness activities and some of the instructors

The circle and the fitness

I liked jumprope and hulahooping

The community of people and friendships 


What did you learn from participating in GLOW?

That a bunch of yummy snacks are healthy

How to communicate better with other people

I learned how to control myself during bad times

Different fitness activities

I learned not to be so self-centered (WOW! This was very interesting coming from this girl....in a good way!)


Do you have suggestions which would make GLOW a better program?                                                  

You could have a part where it's one-on-one with the instructor while each child does something else

No, GLOW is very fun


GLOW makes me feel...









GLOW has taught me to...

Follow my goals

Feel good about who I am and not what others want me to be

Like my body

Accept advice

Not to be afraid of telling the truth and expressing myself



GLOW reminds me of …


Being Inspired



GLOW helped me with the following challenges...

Friendship struggles

Releasing negative emotions

Struggles with confidence

Lower my stress




“I liked GLOW because I feel a lot better about myself, inside and outside.”


“I learned that who you are is not on the outside but on the inside.”


“Thanks for helping me feel better about myself.”


“Well, I seem to be a better person.”


“I became a better person.”


 “I’ve noticed that I have become healthier when choosing foods”


 “I am more accepting of my body”


 “I have become more self-confident”


 “I really like to be at GLOW”

TESTIMONIALS from Teachers running GLOW


“I have been leading the GLOW girls program for almost 2 years now, and the continued enthusiasm is invigorating. The young girls who come to the program truly enjoy getting to meet new friends and learn outside of the classroom. For me, I feel that the program we are running has a multitude of benefits. We have created a space where we can gather and everyone is encouraged to be themselves, share experiences, and try new things, without having to worry about judgement from others. The topics covered through the various GLOW themes are largely relevant to the girls visiting the program. The topic of cyber-bullying - which grew to discussions of bullying in general - brought up some great strategies for the girls to try in situations at school. Aside from the topics (of which we are currently on our 4th), trying out new fitness activities and introducing girls to healthy foods they have never tried is fun. Seeing the girls grow over 8 weeks from a group of girls into a group of friends is something I am very proud to be a part of.” 



"As a GLOW instructor, I have had the opportunity of seeing friendships grow between GLOW girls over the 8 weeks sessions. Our GLOW discussion topics never fail to lead the girls in conversations where they are able to relate to one another based on shared interests, experiences and challenges they face. GLOW girls become more confident during the GLOW program because they realize they are not alone in their struggles; that others their age have similar experiences. It has been a positive experience to witness the development of these friendships. If I had to describe GLOW in one word, it would be community. GLOW provides these girls with a chance to connect with others and develop a larger circle of friends.  It is pretty special to be part of something so positive and powerful.”



"I found the GLOW guide to be well laid out and easy to navigate through.  The unit had a clear purpose and each lesson was straightforward, yet unique.  The girls were always engaged in the lesson and seemed to relate to the current topics.  The lessons also emphasized the importance of the girls having an opportunity to share their experiences, ideas, thoughts and dreams.  In this way, it felt girl-centered, as opposed to leader-centered.  As a result, each week the girls seemed to be more comfortable and willing to share in the Girl's Circle. The guide also offered additional suggestions to try and had an appendix that supplemented the lesson.  This is definitely a program that has a direct impact on a girl's self-awareness and leadership abilities!" GLOW Leader