To build confidence, physical strength, and girl power



GLOW Mission     


GLOW (Girls Leading Others Wisely) strives to provide girls ages 9 to 14 with the self-confidence and skills necessary to become effective and influential leaders.


GLOW Goals:

  • To engage girls within an open forum to share and listen to their peers during discussions of relevant life themes, topics, and values
  • To connect girls of various beliefs, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds
  • To provide each girl who completes the GLOW program with a “backpack” full of strategies to deal with challenging situations when encountered
  • To expose girls to a world of fitness opportunities which build strength, trust, and confidence through participation    


You are about to become part of a worldwide movement! The GLOW program will give every girl an opportunity to be strong, confident and physically fit. GLOW will inspire girls of all ethnic, socio-economic, and cultural backgrounds to be prominent and positive leaders.


The purpose of GLOW is to inspire girls in your organization and provide them with the opportunity to grow both physically and emotionally.


GLOW leads girls to an awareness of their strengths and provides them with the tools fundamental to prominent leadership. 


The GLOW program integrates and cultivates integrity, self-worth, honesty, pride, and responsibility.