Dear GLOW Girls:


The goal of the GLOW program is to have fun while chatting and listening to other girls your age. During the dynamic classes, you will be able to experience many new and fun fitness activities that will be led by expert instructors. Ultimately, the program will leave you glowing with confidence!


The following is a brief outline of the GLOW Circle topics and the Fitness Force activity each week. Occasionally this schedule will require modification as the Fitness guests need to alter their set date. The GLOW Leader will lead at least one Fitness Force activity to share one of their preferred fitness choices with the girls.  


Theme: Being an Authentic GLOW Girl  

Confident Circle Topics

Fitness Force Topics

Theme Introduction & Goal Setting

Goal setting and Fitness Awareness

Girls ,Girls ,Girls

Modern Dance

Celebrate Who You Are


The Mandula Show


Super Powers

Strength Training

Your Inner Music


Grant One Wish


Goal Reflection & Summary

Post-Fitness Awareness



Please consider a goal you would like to achieve over the eight weeks:

Related to you personally. For example, learn to speak your mind no matter who’s around or learn to be yourself even in front of a group of peers.

Related to fitness. For example, increase your physical strength or to, skilfully, shoot a basketball.


There is a lot of great information about GLOW on our website.


You can also chat with other girls who are enrolled in the GLOW program by being a friend on our GLOW Facebook page and following us on Twitter @GlowProgram.


Please feel free to email us if you have any questions about the GLOW program,; we are always happy hear from you.


Thank you for being a part of GLOW!

GLOW Founder & all our GLOW Leaders