GLOW programs help girls build the confidence and THE resilience needed to face life's challenges.



Join GLOW Facilitator, Cheryl Sawatzky for a free one hour virtual session on how to start the conversation with children and youth about body confidence, appearance ideals, media literacy, and critical thinking.  This session will also introduce you to the Confident Me Workshop, a powerful one hour single session workshop created by Plan International and Dove. 


All materials needed for you to offer the Confident Me Workshop to the youth in your community will be provided.


Workshop Goals 
By the end of this session, you will learn how to: 
• Navigate the Confident Me Curriculum and utilize the information in the way it was designed to ensure participant learning outcomes are met. 
• Maximize facilitation techniques specifically for the Confident Me workshop by providing guidance to you to personalize the workshop to your youth audience. 
• Walk youth through understanding the concept of appearance ideals and where pressure to achieve them comes from. 
• Support youth in building media literacy, exploring how images and messages, from advertising to movies and social media, are often manipulations/alterations of the truth. 

• Guide youth to develop strategies to resist appearance pressures, avoid comparing, challenge appearance ideals and build body confidence and self-esteem.   


Stay tuned for the date of the next session.  


If you would like us to run this workshop for a large group of teachers, youth workers, or would like to explore other collaborative opportunities, please contact us directly.






Confident Me Girls Night!

Did you know that placing a high value on appearance has been shown to decrease a girl’s focus and concentration in school?  Due to the constant exposure of unrealistic images that fill our days, girls may be learning to prioritize certain appearance related “rewards” over academic and accomplishment related rewards. In addition to this, damage is being done to girl’s body image and self-esteem.  What can you do to help?  



In conjunction with Plan International, GLOW is pleased to be offering a free virtual Confident Me Workshop for girls ages 9-14 years old.


Confident Me is an online interactive one hour workshop that will get girls thinking and talking about body confidence and self-esteem.  In addition, it introduces them to the concept of media literacy, and gives them the tools to combat unhealthy, unrealistic messaging through critical thinking.  


How a girl feels about her appearance affects all areas of her life - her self esteem, her education, her relationships, and her decisions. 


Interested in having one of our team members facilitate a workshop with your group of youth? Workshops are designed for young people of all gender identities residing in Canada, especially between the ages of 10–14 years old. In each interactive workshop, young people will discuss topics such as self-esteem, body confidence, appearance pressures and ideals and learn how to use socialmedia in a positive way.


Recommended group size is from 15–40 youth. If would like to schedule a workshop for your youth or would like to explore other collaborative opportunities, please contact us directly.

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