Measuring GLOW Success

How do we know GLOW is successful?

  • Re-enrolment in the program
  • Girls choose to take several sessions of GLOW
  • Positive GLOW Girl Program Feedback forms
  • Testimonials 

Although GLOW was created to be fun and with sharing in mind, we found the program to have a powerful impact on the girls.  No two girls change in the same way. Therefore, we pride ourselves in using the following collection of assessment techniques to indicate such positive changes.


  • All GLOW girls set program goals – one personal and one fitness. Self-monitoring and evaluation of these goals are modelled and valued.
  • On the first day of the program, the girls complete a LAWSEQ Self-esteem Checklist. These outcomes are compared to the results of the checklist on the final day of the program.
  • Each girl will participate in a series of informal fitness exercises (plank, sit-ups, push-ups and a balance pose). The leader will record notes and compare the completion of these exercises from the first to the final session.
  • Each girl is given a Thought Book which can be used as a tool to record thoughts, questions and feelings regarding the topics. 
  • The final session includes time for each of the girls to complete an anonymous feedback form regarding their thoughts about the program and any changes they see in themselves.

“I have been leading the GLOW girls program for over two years, and the continued enthusiasm is invigorating.”