"As a GLOW instructor, I have had the opportunity of seeing friendships grow between GLOW girls over the 8 weeks sessions. Our GLOW discussion topics never fail to lead the girls in conversations where they are able to relate to one another based on shared interests, experiences and challenges they face. GLOW girls become more confident during the GLOW program because they realize they are not alone in their struggles; that others their age have similar experiences. It has been a positive experience to witness the development of these friendships. If I had to describe GLOW in one word, it would be community. GLOW provides these girls with a chance to connect with others and develop a larger circle of friends. It is pretty special to be part of something so positive and powerful.” GLOW Leader



"I found the GLOW guide to be well laid out and easy to navigate through.  The unit had a clear purpose and each lesson was straightforward, yet unique.  The girls were always engaged in the lesson and seemed to relate to the current topics.  The lessons also emphasized the importance of the girls having an opportunity to share their experiences, ideas, thoughts and dreams.  In this way, it felt girl-centered, as opposed to leader-centered.  As a result, each week the girls seemed to be more comfortable and willing to share in the Girl's Circle. The guide also offered additional suggestions to try and had an appendix that supplemented the lesson.  This is definitely a program that has a direct impact on a girl's self-awareness and leadership abilities!" GLOW Leader