The GLOW Program offers powerful 8 week leadership programs. Sessions utilize a GLOW circle to promote pre-teen and teen topic discussions and introduce for creative physical activities to participants; each designed to focus on the needs of specific groups of girls. We have many themes so girls can take the program for many sessions.



GLOW for Girls with LD/ADHD:

Designed by a Registered Psychologist, GLOW for Girls with LD/ADHD builds on the GLOW model and further focuses on strategies and therapeutic tips for girls with Learning or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (LD and/or ADHD).




Females Leading Others Wisely program has been widely successful in promoting self-esteem and life skills among young mothers.




The NEW BAM (Boys As Mentors) has partnered with Chrisalis Creations to create an exciting combination of leadership, music CD design and sportsmanship opportunities.



GLOW Summer Camp for Girls:

GLOW summer camps are designed to promote exciting leadership and self-confidence building opportunities. The girls will be exposed to three different fitness activities throughout each week.



*Each GLOW and BAM session incorporates new provoking themes and unique fitness activities.

*No two GLOW and BAM sessions are the same.