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STEP 1: The GLOW Leader Guide includes everything you need to learn how to run your own GLOW program.

STEP 2: Choose one GLOW Theme or purchase the entire set.  Each GLOW theme is an 8 week program and comes with the MY GLOW Guide. (Girls workbook, one per theme)

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STEP 1 - Order your GLOW Leader Guide

Everything you need to know about running your GLOW program



Choose 1 or more of the GLOW themes below.   Each theme is an 8 week GLOW program, run once a week which enables you to run many GLOW sessions with the same group of girls. Every GLOW theme incorporates new and exciting activities. 
If you are purchasing the GLOW Guides for the first time we recommend starting with the Authentic Me Theme.


Authentic Me

Girls explore their super powers and learn ways to stay to true to their values



Body Image & Changes
GLOW girls learn about media’s influence on how they view their bodies and have conversations about puberty related changes to their bodies.



Valuing Yourself and Others

Girls take a closer look at six prominent values and self evaluate their views and feelings associated with them.



Friendship Power
Developing friendships is the focus of this theme. Girls evaluate what makes a healthy vs. unhealthy relationship. Reasons why friendships end is presented and discussed.



Positive Self -Talk
Most of us are in constant mental chatter- girls included. They talk to ourselves all day long and, unfortunately, this self talk is frequently negative. This theme focuses on learning what self -talk is, identifying the negative varieties and replacing them with positive powerful ones.




Taking Care of Yourself 

This theme sparks  girls to think more about playing a conscious role in their futures.  It helps them focus on what is important to them and what they want/need in the future.



Leading Others Wisely
This is a project-based theme where GLOW girls can choose to connect with a community



Decision Making

Girls learn different decision making strategies and practice applying them with real life challenges.