Lunch Time, After School and Curriculum Based School Programs (online coming soon)


The GLOW Leader Guides provide everything you need to offer your own GLOW program.   Our user-friendly guides contain step-by-step instructions on fascinating a GLOW group through discussions and creative art/movement activities. The GLOW program is easily adaptable to your own unique setting by including a GLOW CIRCLE with fitness or without the fitness component.  GLOW is an ideal school program!


Themes are eight weeks in length if running once a week.  Each theme is completely different which allows girls to attend many consecutive GLOW sessions.


Bring GLOW programs for girls to your schools or community.  The programs can be offered during lunch hour, after school or as part of the Health class curriculum. You have the option of purchasing the programs and facilitating the groups yourself, or having GLOW facilitate for you. (Depending on the location)


Order your GLOW Guides so you can run your own GLOW program at your school, your organization and in your community.

If you have any questions please email or call 613-852-8225.

Testimonial:  Feel free to contact, Dave Williams, Principal of Rosemont School. Rosemont School, CBE, has been offering GLOW for two years.


Choose one or more of our unique and interactive  GLOW themes, each theme is 8 weeks:


Authentic Me

Learning about their super powers and how to stay to true to their values


Friendship Power

Learning the importance of appreciating who you are to help meet and keep friends


Body Image & Changes

GLOW girls learn about media’s influence on how they view their bodies and discussions about puberty based related body changes


Valuing Yourself and Others

Girls experiment with 6 GLOW values and better understand their views and feelings associated with them.


Positive Self -Talk

Most of us are in constant mental chatter- girls included. They talk to ourselves all day long and, unfortunately, this self talk is frequently negative. This theme focuses on learning what self -talk is, identifying the negative varieties and replacing them with positive powerful ones.


Decision Making

Taking a lead in learning decision making strategies they can use everyday


Leading Others Wisely

Project-based theme where glow girls can connect with the community


Taking Care of Yourself

Starts girls thinking about playing a more conscious role in their futures.  It helps them focus on what is important to them and what they want/need in the future.  It's also an introduction to topics that educate and encourage them to make healthy decisions for themselves. 




*The recommended the first theme is entitled ‘Authentic Me” which invites girls to learn who they are and to be prideful of both their strengths and weaknesses.  Each theme also has a workbook entitled “My GLOW Guide” that each girl will use during the classes and as a reference in the future.  The GLOW Program was designed for girls between 9 to14 years old with simple modifications to be adapted for older teens and young women.