Dear GLOW parents:


Thank you for your support of the new GLOW program. In my fifteen years experience as an educator, I have recognized the need for a specialized program to increase self confidence and empower girls aged 9-14 and 14-18.


I wanted to share some research that supports the underlying objectives of GLOW.

See Jane Hit, Dr. James Garbarino (2004)

*girls feel strong pressures to be perfect in ways that put them at the mercy of others for reassurance of their worth.

*girls traditionally depend much more than boys on being popular and attractive rather than competent and talented. They have been taught to look to those with whom they have relationships for validation (and thus acceptance) rather than to their power.

*opening sports to girls is an effective way to help them cultivate physicality without limiting that physicality to sexuality and sensuality.


Other Relevant Statistics:

*sports and physical activity promote a healthy lifestyle for girls in particular and reinforce the message that teen girls aren’t just what they look like; they are also the sum of what they can do and what they’re capable of.


Developmental Assets (DA) framework by the Search Institute in Wyoming results (Survey of youth in grades 6 to 12)  

Percentage of young people surveyed possessed the following assets:

Personal power             44%

Self-esteem                  52%

Sense of purpose          59%

Caring                          50%


By incorporating physical fitness and self-esteem activities, the GLOW program will provide a positive environment for girls to be the best they can be.




Kim Tackaberry – GLOW Founder