Research: The Power of GLOW


Research to Support the Need for GLOW 


GLOW believes every girl deserves an opportunity to strengthen their emotional and social well-being, nutritional health and physical abilities in order to develop a true sense of self.


Emotional Well-Being


GLOW’s theme entitled ‘Authentic Me” invites girls to learn about who they really are and to be proud of both their strengths and weaknesses.


Girls struggle in society in the following areas:


“While many of the teens are verbal and psychologically aware, they don’t seem to know themselves very well” (Levine, Madeline Ph D. (2008), The Price of Privilege (New York: Harper Books)


“…overly dependent on the opinions of parents, teachers, coaches and peers, they frequently rely on others not only to pave the way on difficult tasks but to grease the wheels of everyday life as well” (Levine, Madeline Ph D. (2008), The Price of Privilege (New York: Harper Books)


“…while it is tempting to attribute scenarios like these to the histrionics of adolescence it would be a mistake. Adolescent suicide has quadrupled since 1950.” (Levine, Madeline Ph D. (2008), The Price of Privilege (New York: Harper Books)


“…a unique generation gap emerging, on one side mothers who came of age during the women’s movement of the 1970’s fighting for equal rights on the other daughters with role models like: Snooki on the reality show Jersey Shore whose ambitions consist of getting drunk, vomiting on camera and spending days in the tanning salon” (Leanne Foster, MacLean’s magazine, p51, August 16, 2010)


Kimberly McLead, Toronto Social Worker who counsels mothers and daughters is dismayed by the constant bombardment of sexualized media images directed towards girls, “I don’t meet many girls who feel good about themselves even though they are gorgeous.” ( MacLean’s magazine, p 51 August 16, 2010)



Value of Nutrition


GLOW introduces a new healthy snack idea to the girls every week, along with nutritional information and guidelines. Moderation is our nutrition motto, diets are not.


Like with many other Canadian provinces, Health Services in Alberta has been working with school divisions to create new nutritional guidelines. (Sheila Tyminski, the Manager of Nutrition Services with Alberta Health Services, Calgary Herald, Wed. Sept. 1, 2010)


Schools are taking a comprehensive approach to educate students about nutrition. (Ted Flitton, spokesman for the Calgary Board of Education, Calgary Herald, Wed. Sept. 1, 2010).


Moderation is the key! (Justin McCullum, chef, Calgary Herald, Wed. Sept. 1, 2010)



Importance of Daily Physical Fitness


GLOW introduces GLOW Girls to a wide array of physical fitness activities, all of which are led by qualified fitness experts. This exposure not only instills a basic understanding of the fitness area being introduced, but also enhances the discovery of the fitness options available to individuals. An increased incidence of future pursuit in a specific area is also one of the goals of GLOW fitness.


A well-rounded fitness program should include endurance, flexibility and agility exercises. All youth strength training programs must be closely supervised by knowledgeable instructors who understand the uniqueness of children. (Helen Vanderburg, BPE, Calgary Herald, Thurs. Oct 7, 2010)


Research suggests strong connection between fitness and cognitive ability.


Childhood obesity is one of the biggest health issues in Canadian children. According to Statistics Canada, 26 per cent of children ages six to twelve are overweight or obese. (Calgary Herald Health Club, Thursday, October 7, 2010)


Alberta Commission on Learning (2003) introduced a new wellness program for all students with a minimum of 30 minutes of daily physical activity in Grades 1 through 9. The new program of study is going beyond that to include mental and emotional health as well (Hancock, Calgary Herald, Tuesday, August 31, 2010)



How do we know GLOW is successful?


  • Re-enrolment in the program
  • Girls choose to take several sessions of GLOW
  • Positive GLOW Girl Program Feedback forms
  • Testimonials



Testimonials from GLOW Girls


“I liked GLOW because I feel a lot better about myself, inside and outside.” 

“I learned that who you are is not on the outside but on the inside.”

 “Thanks for helping me feel better about myself.”

 “Well, I seem to be a better person.” 

 “I became a better person.”

 “I’ve noticed that I have become healthier when choosing foods”

 “I am more accepting of my body”

 “I have become more self-confident”